“Truth is a Multi-Faceted Gem.

Mankind’s many eyes perceive numerous beams of Light diffused by the entirety of the Jewel.  Knowledge in Spiritual Reality of the Duality of man’s Nature, both Spiritual and Physical opens the all-seeing Eye.  Clarity of Vision reveals the sparkling facets of LIFE reflected from the Jewel as the one great beam of Light, all surfaces of the Gem seen at once.  The Jewel of Light is the Truth we seek.

May your Destiny be fulfilled”  

The Mission and the Purpose of the Philosophical Research Canter is to break thru the barrier of Medieval Faith based Orthodoxy and introduce the FACTS of the continuity of Individual Life beyond the Grave, past the Beat of the HEART.

Anthropomorphism defined is: "In the known History of mankind, Man creates a god in his own image, gives this man created God, naturally a HE, human characteristics and worships self."  

All have become aware over the passage of time of the History of various Religious Philosophies and Faiths, their Gods their Saviours, Dogmas, Creeds, Superstition, Claims their Teachings and their Philosophy.

We readily accept the Religion of our blood line Ancestry - if Parents and Grandparents were Greek Orthodox or of a Judaic persuasion that will be the Religion of the Grandchildren - rarely does one step outside the Box and give equal attention and research by due diligence the other Faith based BS or Belief Systems as we would to the choice of a Profession or Lawyer or Doctor.

Truth is the hardest nut to Crack.  All Religions of Man have some Truth have much Dogma, However Dogma becomes Dogmatic, hence the stagnation and hostility continue.  Man is at War with self with Neighbour with Country, the Animal Mortal Nature continues in violence – a Race divided.

Survival of Individual Personality beyond the loss of the physical body is long proven – the basis of all Religious Philosophy is a Belief in a Survival of some form, a Spirit, a Soul something intangible not knowable, be it to a Nirvana a Hell a Heaven an Underworld, the Happy Hunting Grounds.  Whatever the Belief the Philosophy it is a given there is a form of Continuity of an After Life.

Regardless of an established proven Spiritual Reality a Fact upon which all the Philosophies are based there is no clear Teaching of what this Continuity may be.

The FACT is the Dogmas of all have become Dogmatic leading to chaos as we continue to be programmed for DEATH – have poured Religions Faith over the common simple Spiritual Fact of what is beyond the Veil with a cloak of False Gods and the Sacerdotal Class of Popes, clerics, Priests and Rabbis all of whom gain their Power through deliberate Deception.

When we should be educating the children to prepare for the Continuity of SELF and of Life and of the Spiritual Truth of Individual Survival, responsibility and accountability, the System happy with the status Quo continues the Lie.

All are well brainwashed by the Philosophy of the Major Orthodox Religions of the Day – no more need be said – we have all been programmed for Death either as a Finality or by Superstition or Dogmatic Insertion into the Cellular memory of the Blood stream of our ancestors – many on subconscious levels live in Fear, Guilt or Denial from past persecutions by Religion and State.

The Poetry in the Poetry page breaks out the Truth for all to examine saving ploughing through volumes of Books.

On the Links and Evidence Page we supply more Evidence for the Spiritual Reality of Personal Survival beyond the loss of human tissue than all the world’s Religions have in total.

Follows one of the 65 Spiritual Revelation Lessons from the Web Site www.hispirit.org.au they are complimentary, simply request the Inventory and then the Lesson of your choice by an Email to hi.spirit@bigpond.com - also we offer the sincere Truth seeker a source to hear and experience by Direct Voice Communication physically materialized Elders of the Race of Man.

Prophets and Prophecy did not cease 2000 years ago.

Welcome to the Greatest Adventure, the Journey of and into Immortality.

May I take the Liberty of broadening your Horizon.

“Out of the Shadows of the Past the World is moving into LIGHT!

It is daybreak everywhere!

And upon the Horizon of the Human Mind, HIGHER SPIRITUALISM is Dawning, bringing a brighter and a kindlier Light to all.”   


 Death the Delusion - The writer’s job is to give you the Spiritual Facts.  The Spiritual Fact is the reality of Life.  Life is. 

Life before Form,

Life after Form.

Life does not cease, Life continues. 

All that can be seen is temporal, that which is unseen, permanent.


I am the Authority for Truth.  Truth is the Authority.   Hear now Truth.

Individual human Ego is the greatest opponent to Truth. 

The chaos in the mind of man stems from ignorance of the Spiritual Self of the Duality of existence, our intrinsic proven Nature both Physical and Spiritual.

Unknown forces, unrecognized dilemmas for the conscious mind build up from within.  The Soul’s knowledge of your potential Spiritual Immortality is denied you.  The physical body anticipates the death to come as the cells remember all that has gone before, the frailty of human existence.  The reality of Reincarnation, rebirth in another form, is resisted as the individual’s Ego refuses to consider the loss of Personality, the precondition of Spirit return.  Introduce to this mental predicament the concepts of Earthly Orthodox Religious programs, the Dogmas of Death and Delusion and the result is confusion, hurt, pain and human suffering. 

The Sacerdotal class of Orthodoxy has betrayed you, Popes, Clerics, Priests, Rabbis and Politicians maintain the Status Quo.

The Ego of the Individual says I am god, the person believes it and Individual Ego overrides instinct.  Instinct implanted in the DNA allows you to know the difference.  Discernment is the ability to discriminate and to know right from wrong.

The first indisputable Spiritual Fact is that you are alive, you have survived death before and will again.  You, the Spiritual You, the You which continues beyond the temporal flesh and blood.

You existed prior to the creation of your Physical body and will continue to live after the Physical body has dropped away.  We do not regard “you” as just the human personality of a few Earthly years but as a potentially Immortal conscious Spiritual Being who retains Karma from previous lives, now forgotten by you.  You relate to self, we relate to the Higher Self, the Spiritual You.

Secondly there is no death and there are no dead. 

Which of you is prepared for the reality of personal, conscious, aware survival beyond the death of the physical body?  Realize now that you are a Spirit.   You are a Spiritual Being living in a Spiritual world of material forms created from and existing in Spirit.  The implications of this Reality awaken you to your individual mission, which is to re-identify with the Higher Self in search of the Divine through unity with God’s Law.  Simply said your Purpose in Life!

The personality expression of the Soul has a certain Spiritual Immortality only in the aspect of survival, survival beyond death.  Eventually the complexities of individual personality are dispersed, as what we would relate to as the “True Death” approaches, at the threshold of incarnation.  At this point loss of Individual identity and personality is experienced, the memory veiled, thence rebirth, another fact.  This second death is the annihilation of self, not the first.

The Soul is eternal, however the personality aspect of Soul, as expressed in the manifestation of Spirit is not, and yet Conscious Immortality of the Higher Self is the ultimate destiny.  How to prepare for Personal Survival and aim for Immortality?  Read on for the keys to Truth.  For Death is the Doorway to Life, as Life can lead to Death.

What you on Earth in the West were taught by all orthodox religions is simply not true. 

You do not die.  The evidence concealed is now revealed!

The body does, you are still there, just no longer visible nor in the same form. 

You shed your skin that’s all. 

After you have separated from your physical body, one of seven through which you function, through which consciousness manifests, you will continue-on in a life of activity and accountability. 

The eternal quest, the grail, the search for Immortality is mankind’s shared dream. 

Spiritually asleep you have closed the door to the true potential of your race, to its destiny and ultimate joy. Only a few have penetrated the orthodox barriers to Truth and understanding.  We my friends are accountable for our very thoughts.  Realize this and dwell on it.  In the East the Light of Buddha led you to Truth but you have forgotten and misinterpreted given Truth for your gains.

Yes, it is true, people are dying.  People die from the Rays of the Sun, from a variety of often misdiagnosed and untreated causes, from Petroleum, from the Negative acts of World Governments and from oppression under Orthodox Spiritual Tyranny, is also Truth.

You are never alone being the Truth. 

Love is the link, Love is the connection. 

You have loved ones and Loving guides assigned to you from the Spirit realm of life.  The Loved ones committed to you reach out to you from the world of Spirit.  They are only a breath away, only a thought apart. 

There is no God listening to your prayer, is the Truth. 

Jesus will not be there to greet you is the Truth. 

You are responsible for your actions and will come to confront the reactions.  Your belief will not assist you.  When you return from whence you came you will be mentally naked, is Truth.  Your baggage, your emotions, actions, thoughts & deeds, time to pack it all away; Spiritually to spring clean your belief system. 

There is a Spiritual Hierarchy to guide the way, is also Truth.

Read on and grow Spiritually.  Spiritual maturity leads to Life.  Remove from the baggage, the weight of violence, war, abuse, jealousy, vanity, greed, lust, prejudice, hate, theft, isolation, power games, hurtful acts, lies, nastiness, meanness, cruelty, callousness, lighten the Spiritual load. 

East or West - North or South, hear God’s mouth. 

Look to the ancient ancestors of your race to the Teachings that survived.  Avoid trivia.  Avoid preoccupation with the patterns of Social behaviour of the day.  Social patterns rarely last past 30 to 60 years or so in influence, then they change as new patterns emerge. 

Approach the subject of Spiritual Enlightenment with a pure intent.   Immerse yourself in Permanent Spiritual patterns of Immortal Light.

Man is a Spiritual Being comprised of Spiritual/Etheric atomic substance, lost in a world of physical delusions.  Within the dormant Spiritual nature of man is the knowledge of the “Higher Self”, the Link to the God Head. 

The desire for union with the Higher Self and with the Source of Creation is buried deep within the Psyche.  It is in man’s nature to seek out the Spiritual Truth of his existence. 

This quest is the true Religious quest.

The intuitive perception of Truth is inbuilt.  Man-made creed and dogma create worldly anthropomorphic deities.  Due to man’s limited powers of interpretation, man worships his own creations.  Each person creates for himself the form of Religious faith which is best suited for the requirement of his Soul at any period of its Evolution, subject to the ego of the individual.

Mankind intuitively reaches out to reunite with the unknown God, not a HE with human characteristics, for that is childish nonsense belittles the enormity of the unknowable; the first Cause, the Creator, the root cause of the Spiritual Religious Intuition, which is within his Eternal Soul. 

It is the correct atunement to the Religious Intuition, unfettered by Earthly Dogmas and Superstition, which becomes the Authority for Truth.  Know the Spiritual Facts, the Substance of Spiritual Truth.  The fundamental psychic and Spiritual Facts must be experienced to be known.

The Western mind seeks proof in the physical to find the conviction of Truth for Spiritual non-physical substance, hence so much confusion. 

Go within was the Teaching. 

To attempt to dissect the Soul in the physical laboratory is to destroy its Spiritual value, unless the scientific application is within Spiritual substance. 

Read the Revelation Soul.  If there be no Soul, no Spirit, no God, no Immortality, then there is no sense, only non-sense, no reason, no reason for your existence, all is random, chaos only remains, no meaning, no purpose, nothing to hope for, no point to faith, no lasting love, only despair.      


This material is in its essence new to the Earth plane and yet old as time itself. 

The books have been written, hundreds upon thousands of them. 

This is the Spiritual Marrow of the Bones of existence that is given now. 

Near death experiences medically witnessed and recorded number in the thousands.

Those pronounced clinically dead yet resuscitated live to tell their tale. 

The similarities of experience are: a tunnel to walk down, beings of Light at the end of the tunnel, relatives, friends, a new body, overwhelming feelings of joy, love, peace, difficulty in communicating the experience, a barrier, music, a forced return to the physical body, aloneness yet a peace, then back a changed person with no fear of death.

Together we work to remove fear, especially Fear of Death.

Do not fear the unknown, for what is not known will bring you into greater happiness and permanency. 

Recognize that the constant remaining from the Social pattern of yesteryear is Fear, Fear of just about anything and everything.  Fear, Fear.  Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Light.  Many share common experiences of their own previous existence. 

Fear and Earthly Power drives motivate the cover ups, insidiously introduced by degrees, as fear and Ego equate to Denial.  Most people have knowledge of a friend or relation who experienced the return of a loved one shortly after death. 

The concept of survival is just too much to contemplate. 

Cellular memory within the genes has knowledge of the lower self’s unremembered experiences.  Your Soul remembers all that has gone before. 

Don’t fear the past.

Do not fear the dark, yes intuitively you were correct, there is something out there. 

The Spirit, the Prana, the Life Force, the Phlogiston, the After Life, the Ectoplasm does not like light.  Creatures of the night don’t either.  Nature Spirits take cover in deepest darkness.  The Lizard watches all from the darkest corner of the room.  It is Fear that the darkness reminds you of just when you felt secure. 

In the Dark there is only Light, in the darkest corner, is God.  All around you in the dark is the Breath of God, don’t be afraid.  Where you’re going after you lay to rest the Earthly vehicle which held you for but a moment, there is Light & Life.  In the darkness there is only Light, go into the Darkness, tune in, feel the Breath of God. 

Love casts out Fear. The Blossoms of Love are Joy, the Fruit is Peace.  Peace you shall have.


Death the Departure - In non-violent circumstances the Spiritual Vehicle begins to recede from the body in preparation for Departure some time prior to Death.  It is this vehicle which transmits consciousness from the Soul to the organs of the Physical vehicle through the connection of the Temporal Astral Body and the Emotional, Vibrational, and Mental vehicles which are Chakra’s to the Organic centers. 


Currently; as Death (Departure) approaches in old age, the Spiritual and Astral vehicles commence disengagement from the Centers, as invisible plasma like tendons of Spirit begin withdrawal into the Etheric in preparation for Disconnection. 


We can observe this as the approach of Senility. 


Did you look into the eyes of the dying elderly loved one and see the Spirit depart?  Yes! And now of final disconnect there is a minute, though discernable weight shift.  See yourself as having seven circular Spiritual patterns of energy which correspond to your physical organs. 


It is via these center points, particularly the Crown, Throat, Heart and Solar plexus areas or Chakras that your other bodies, in which your self is expressed, are connected.  

You will continue to need your physical body for seventy-two hours after Death.  It takes about three days for the disconnection process to complete. 

Your Will should state, no transplants, no interference with the corpse for a period of three days.  At this time Cremation is recommended.

Burials and Monuments in Graveyards belong to the past.  Cremation, the disposal of the worn out physical body is a duty to the living, it is not an honour to the deceased.

 Nature provides the womb as the passage into Earthly physical life. 

Upon death, a tunnel a light, loved ones, guides, a passageway for you to follow into the Spiritual World.  There are exceptions and alternatives.  If you were unexpectedly violently expelled from the body, then you will have another adventure.  If ill a long time, probably awaken in a Hospital to recover and prepare for the FACT of your survival.


In the next world children who have passed over live out a natural life span, however there are no longer children, nor family in the sense of Mother, Father, Cousin, Child, Brother or Sister. 

Family relationships change in this overlapping world of Spirit, yet there are the familiar aspects. The elderly become surprised by a sense of well-being and youth. 

In this Etheric world the surroundings appear to be physical but are not.  The environment is altered and moulded by the mind, by what one thinks.  The results are instant.  The thought is the thing, so learn to guard and monitor your thoughts. 

In the physical world there is a delay between the thought and the act of creation but here it’s immediate, and all thoughts are read telepathically, so now where can you hide?  

Consciousness from the Soul is expressed through seven vehicles or bodies.  Please see the separate Spiritual Revelation # 83 in this regard.  You are not just a physical being who has an Orthodox Soul.

You are not one body. 

You are multifaceted.  The six bodies invisible to your eye interpenetrate the physical as air fills a sponge.  Etheric astral energy is Vibrational in Nature as is the physical body a dense vibratory pattern of your Spiritual self.

The Astral body resembles the physical vehicle but is not as dense.  The Vibrational is less dense than the astral body, as is the emotional body, the mental body, the Spiritual body and the Soul or Monad. 

You will experience them all, as you do now with some limited awareness. 

Each plane of existence you experience in the after-life is a degree of vibrating energy, not matter.  As you leave the physical behind there is a dulling of the physical senses and the psychic and Spiritual senses become more acute.  The transition from plane to plane can be likened to increase or decrease in vibration as can be experienced with sound waves, somewhat like a change of vibration in the energy patterns of which all is composed.

Some Spirits become Earthbound entities and do not move on after death, remaining Bound by their attachment to Emotion and preoccupation with the Physical. 

Liken this to having difficulty sleeping, as in getting out of the physical body of an evening, as if the Emotions and the Mental processes were keeping one awake.  The Earthbound individual cannot fall into the Trance or Coma that is the necessary function of passing on.


Develop Detachment and yet involvement; involved detachment is the key to success. 

Detachment in life avoids the problem of painful Earthbound activity.  

Like attracts like.  The Law of Attraction is God in action.  Avoid preoccupation with physical trivia.  We all must work and eat and somehow find time to study Spiritual Truths and return to the Godhead.











Be sure, the Spiritual path is worthy of committed, unlimited, unselfish, unconditional devotion to the Search for God, for oneself.  Work ceaselessly for the whole of humanity by Living the Law of Love.

Join with us now in silent Meditation as we close today’s Spiritual Revelation Communion Service for you.

 Selah!  So be it.

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